List of items that can be set in the advanced filter

Update date: April 17, 2024
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The advanced filter allows you to set the following items.


Username ("@" name), name, description or location.


The user's "@" name (the @ symbol is unnecessary).

Display Name

Not the username ("@" name).

Explanatory note

Profile Description.


Location of the profile


Profile URL


Number of Followers

FF ratio

FF Ratio (number of followers divided by number of followers)

The higher the FF ratio, the more followers you have.

Also, the closer to 1, the more likely you are to follow back.

Number of Tweets

Number of listings

The number of listed

Number of Likes.

The number of likes that user has received so far

I'm following you.

Whether or not I'm following it.

Followed by

Whether you are being followed or not.

You're on the protected list

Whether or not you are on SocialDog's protected list

Now requesting a follow-up

Whether or not you have a follow-up request.

The day I followed you

The day I followed you

If you set it to "empty," it becomes "never followed before. If you set "Not Empty" to "Not Empty," it becomes "Ever Followed.

Date Followed

The Day You Were Followed

Set to "Empty" to "Never been followed" and "Not Empty" to "Ever followed.


Whether you're blocking it or not.

It will take a little time to get a list of blocked users.

I'm muting it

Whether you are muted or not.

It will take a bit of time to get a list of muted users.

Follow me on

Which feature of SocialDog did you follow?

Unfollow From

Which feature of SocialDog did you unfollow?


Whether it's a private account (also called a key account)


Whether or not you are an authenticated account (whether or not you are an account with a check mark)


Inactive (not tweeting for more than 30 days) or not

You can change the number of days of inactivity in your settings

Default Image

The user icon is still the default image or

Twitter Start Date

Date you signed up for Twitter

Twitter User ID (numeric)

An internal Twitter numeric identifier.

A bot (beta)

Adult Tweets (beta)

Advertising and promotional tweets (beta)



  • The items marked with "(beta)" are automatically identified and estimated by AI using a proprietary algorithm from SocialDog. As this is an automatic identification by a machine, the results may be incorrect.
  • SocialDog app only supports quick filters.

About the date you followed me and the date you followed me

  • Please note that we do not collect data prior to the use of SocialDog.
  • If you follow or unfollow someone more than once, both the date of the first follow or unfollow action and the most recent date will be applied.

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