Examples of filter applications

Update date: August 31, 2023

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You can use Filters to follow and unfollow users in a more efficient manner. 

To apply filters, please see the "Use a filter (advanced filter)" section of this article.

To save frequently used filters as quick filters, please see "Save frequently used filters as a quick filter"

The app version does not support the filter function.

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Here are a few examples of how the filter is used.

Drawing for users who respond to tweets

Use AI-powered account auto-classification filters

You can exclude "Bot accounts," "accounts with many advertising/promotional tweets," "Adult posts accounts," etc.

The items marked with "(beta)" are automatically identified and estimated by AI using a proprietary algorithm from SocialDog. As this is an automatic identification by a machine, the results may be incorrect.

Follow users who are likely to follow back

If you set a filter like the one below, you can only follow people who are likely to follow you back.

  •    FF ratio or higher: 0.7
  •    FF ratio or lower: 2
  •    Inactive: No
  •    Following: no
  •    During a follow-up request: no.
  •    Followers or more: 100
  •    Number of tweets or more: 100
  •    Follow date: No record

Users who are actively following back after being followed will have a follow count closer to their follower count.

Inactive people are also excluded, as there is no way to follow someone who is inactive.

Excludes people who seem to have just started using Twitter and have less than 100 followers and less than 100 tweets.

This excludes people who have followed you before.

Unfollow people who are not recently followed (unfollowed, inactive)

To keep your followers clean, it's helpful to unfollow users who haven't followed you back or who are inactive.

You can unfollow them all together from the menu below.

  • Followers → Unfollowed
  • Followers → Inactive

According to Twitter rules, unfollowing a user in large numbers after following him/her and then unfollowing him/her because he/she did not return the follow is not allowed as a "follow churn".

  • Before the date of the follow-up: 12/16/2016

With this setting, you will only see people you followed before 12/16/2016.

You can also add the following filters for inactive users who have a large number of followers, as they may become active again

  • Follower count or less: 1000