The timing of data retrieval from social media

SocialDog automatically gathers data from social media, with the timing of this retrieval depending on the specific social media and data type.

Update date: December 12, 2023

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All social media

SocialDog retrieves data once daily per social profile

SocialDog typically retrieves data once per day for each social profile. This means that the information displayed on SocialDog's "Dashboard," "Analytics," and "Followers" pages is not in real-time.

Data posted or user information from follows (X (Twitter) only) right after SocialDog's last data retrieval will not be reflected until the next day's data retrieval.

Specifying data retrieval timing is not possible

The timing of data retrieval varies for each user and cannot be manually initiated.

As such, data retrieval may occur in the early morning or late at night.

For Business and Enterprise Plans Only
With X (Twitter) accounts, teams of these plans can manually refresh their data by clicking the "Retrieve posts from X (Twitter)" button at the bottom of the "Post history" screen.

No data displayed immediately after SocialDog registration

Right after registering with SocialDog, no data will be displayed on the dashboard until the initial data retrieval is complete.

Retrieving historical data can take up to one day. Any data updated post-registration will be reflected in SocialDog after the next data retrieval cycle.

X (Twitter)

Timing of data retrieval

SocialDog fetches data automatically once a day, considering the period from 0:00 AM UTC to 23:59 PM the following day as one day.

The latest data is then updated on the "Dashboard," "Analytics," and "Followers" pages.

Are Follows Conducted Outside SocialDog Recorded?

Follows made outside of SocialDog are recorded, except if a follow is undone before the next data retrieval; such actions won't be recorded in the follow history.


Timing of data retrieval

The timing of data retrieval on Instagram varies based on the metric:

Metric Examples of data included Retrieval timing
User metrics Daily follower count, following count, impressions, likes, profile views, etc.

Once a day between UTC 8:00 AM and UTC 7:59 AM the next day

Media metrics
Impressions per post, likes, etc.
  • Initial retrieval: Immediately after connecting Instagram account to SocialDog
  • Followed by once every 24 hours
Online follower metrics Average online followers by time of day
, etc.

Once a day between UTC 8:00 AM and UTC 7:59 AM the next day

*Instagram data is typically 2-3 days old due to its specifications.

Impact of Pacific Time (PT) Daylight Saving Time

During Daylight Saving Time in PT (around March to November), Instagram's data retrieval timing will be an hour earlier than usual.
Also, the number of online followers displayed may appear significantly lower during the switch to or from Daylight Saving Time.