What SocialDog cannot do

Bulk followback is not supported by SocialDog. Additionally, followback must be performed on X (Twitter).

Update date: August 25, 2023

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SocialDog cannot do the following.

  • Real-time updates of data on the dashboard, analytics , and followers screens
  • Bulk follow/unfollow
  • Follow/unfollow, like, repost (retweet), reply, mute, and block
    • Please go to the target X account to perform these operations.
  • Analytics of posts prior to SocialDog registration
    After SNS integration is completed, it is possible to obtain and analyze up to about 3,200 posts from before SocialDog registration. It takes up to one day to obtain.
    • Data before SocialDog registration
      • Date followed, Date followed by, New followers, New unfollowed
    • Twitter Blue features
      • Posts longer than 140 characters, Posts in bold, Post-posting revisions etc
    • Use of the "Analytics" function on a private account

    Due to most features being unavailable, we do not recommend using SocialDog on private accounts.

    • Data acquisition of private accounts in the "Keyword Monitor" and "Tweet engagement" functions


    In addition, SocialDog must comply with Twitter's "Twitter Rules" and "Automation Rules", so the following cannot be done.

    • Send DMs in bulk
    • Auto-sending DMs or replies to users who follow you
    • Automatically post to posts on your timeline