Unable to log in to SocialDog

Update date: June 1, 2023

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If you are having trouble logging in to SocialDog, please try starting from the top of this page.

The "Log in with Twitter" feature has been discontinued. Details

If you see the message "This SNS profile is linked to another team," please check the following article: "Cannot link Twitter with the message "This SNS profile is linked to another team.".

When you know your email address and password

From the login screen, you can login using your registered email address and password.

Have an email address but not a password?

If you forgot your password, or if your Twitter account has been frozen or otherwise has no Twitter login, please log in to your SocialDog account and reissue your password from the page below.

Password Reissue

If you don't know your email address

Please check your mailbox for SocialDog emails.

The email is addressed to the email address registered in your SocialDog account.

If you are a team member, please contact your team administrator. The administrator can check the email addresses of members registered with SocialDog in the "Team members" setting.

If you use a paid plan

If you have signed up for a paid plan before, we can look up your account with your credit card information.

Please contact support with the following information

  • Credit card brands Example: Visa
  • Credit Card Expiration Date Example: 08/22
  • Credit card holder Example: SUZUKI TARO

Contact information