Update date: March 20, 2024

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In SocialDog, from the Analytics section on the screen, you can see

SocialDog's analytics features include Followers Acquisition AnalysisFollowers AnalysisTweets Analysis and Reports.

The items are as follows

Tweet analytics

  • Tweets, Likes, RTs, Tweets by Time Zone, Likes by Time Zone and RTs by Time Zone
  • Analysis of tweet types (tweets, mentions, likes, retweets and average engagement)
  • Engage by day and time
  • Nice by day and time.
  • RT by day and time of day
  • Mentions by day and time
  • Number of tweets by time of day

Follower acquisition analytics

  • Followers/New Followers/Unfollowers/Unfollowing
  • Changes in Followers/New Followers/Unfollowers
  • Percentage of followers who continue to follow you (% of new followers who continue to follow you)

Follower analytics

The analysis function for beta data (“Gender,” “Age,” “Bot/Human,” “Adult/Normal,” and “Advertising/Normal”) items analysis functionality ended on May 20, 2024.

The following can continue to be viewed on the “Followers” screen.

  • Public / Private
  • Followers
  • Followers
  • Posts
  • List
  • Likes
  • FF Ratio
  • X (Twitter) account start date
  • Date followed/unfollowed



  • Data prior to SocialDog registration are not reflected.
  • Analysis data is displayed in the time zone set in Time Zone on the SocialDog [Team settings] page.
  • Likes, RTs, and Mentions by day of the week and time zone are a total of all the likes, RTs, and Mentions posted by day of the week and time zone. It is not the time of the Like/RT/ Mentions.
  • The data in the "Tweets Analysis" section is the number of people who took action on a specific tweet, regardless of the date and time, and not the total number of people who took action at a specific time, regardless of the tweet.