Using the SocialDog Extension

Update date: April 24, 2024

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By using the extension, you can easily schedule posts and reposts (retweets) from the official X (Twitter).

SocialDog - All-In-One Tool For X (Twitter) Marketing

Feature 1 'Schedule Post'

A 'Post with SocialDog' button will be added to the post field on the home screen. You can schedule the post you entered directly with SocialDog.

Feature 2 'Reply Function'

A link to SocialDog will be displayed on Official X (Twitter). You can reply via SocialDog by clicking the SocialDog button displayed below the post.

You can also reply at a specified time.

Feature 3 'Repost (Retweet) Function'

"Retweet with SocialDog" is added to the repost (retweet) button. It supports both official reposts (retweets) and quoted posts (quoted tweets).

You can also use SocialDog's scheduled retweet function.

Feature 4 'Link Post Function'

You can post the current page URL or linked destinations on SocialDog by right-clicking on the website.

Feature 5 'Post with Selected Text Function'

You can post on SocialDog by right-clicking the text you selected.

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