Download inbox and follower data in CSV format

Update date: July 15, 2021

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You can retrieve data such as users and tweets in a CSV file.

You can download a file for every 10,000 entries. You can download up to 50,000 files per day.

CSV download can only be used with the PC version of the browser.

How to download

  1. Click "Inbox" or "Followers" from the menu.
  2. Click  in the upper right corner and then click "CSV Download".
  3. Click the number of items you want to download.

CSV format

 parameter name  description
 User ID  Twitter user ID (identification number)
 UserName  User name (@name)
 Name  "Name" of the profile
 Location  "Location" of the profile
 Bio  "Description" of the profile
 Profile URL  URL to the Twitter account profile
 Profile image URL  URL of the icon image
 Has default image  Whether this is the default icon or not (FALSE=not the default icon, TRUE=default icon)
 Expanded URL  Website of the profile
 Private  Whether the account is private (FALSE=public, TRUE=private)
 Verified  Whether the account is verified (FALSE=not verified, TRUE=verified)
 Following  Number of friends
 Followers  Number of followers
 Tweets  Number of Tweets
 Likes  Number of likes (the same as displayed on your Twitter profile page)
 Listed  Number of listings (identical to the one displayed on your Twitter profile page)
 Language  Language (ja=Japanese, en=English, others are here
 Last Tweeted at  Date and time of latest Tweet
 Time zone  Time zone
 UTC offset  UTC offset (currently not available)
 Twitter created at  Twitter account creation date and time
 Tweet content  (Only if the Tweet is being displayed) Tweet text
 Tweet ID  (Only if displaying a Tweet) Tweet ID
 Tweet URL  (Only if displaying a Tweet) Tweet URL
 Tweet date/time  (Only if you are displaying the Tweet) Tweet date
 In reply to status ID  (Only for replies) Reply to which Tweet
 Source  The source of the Tweet
 Activity type  (Only for tweet engagement) "Retweet, Quote Retweet, Like, Reply" types
 Replied content  (Only for replies) Replies
 Quoted content  (Only for quote retweet) Quote Retweet
 Timestamp  (Only for tweet engagement) Time of the Retweet
 Tweet ID of the reaction destination  (Only for tweet engagement) Tweet ID of the reaction destination
 Started following at  (Only if there is a record) Date of follow-up
 Started following from  The SocialDog feature used to follow the user
 Stopped following at  (Only if recorded) the date the user unfollowed
 Stopped following from  The SocialDog function used to unfollow the user
 Followed you at  (Only if recorded) the date the user was followed
 Unfollowed you at  (Only if recorded) the date the user was unfollowed

The name of the SocialDog feature used to follow/unfollow the user

  parameter-name   function-name
  inbox   inbox
  followers_except_friends   not_following
  friends_except_followers   non_followers
  inactive   inactive
  mutual_friends   mutual_followers
  followers   followers
  follower_created   new_followers
  follower_destroyed   new_unfollowed