Use the user details

Update date: March 14, 2019

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In your user details, you can

  • mute
  • block
  • follow
  • Check your follow history
  • Check the timeline

The user details function is only supported on the PC version.

Not available for the smartphone browser version and app version.

Display user details

  1. Go to Followers -> Fans and Unfollowed.
  2. Click the user details button in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. User details will be displayed.
  4. To see information about a user, click on that user. You can also use the up and down cursor keys (↓↑) to move to another user.

How to use the user details screen

  • You can check information about the user.
  • You can follow, mute and block. Click again to unmute or unblock a user.
  • View your follow and unfollow history.
  • You can see the latest tweets (public accounts only)
  • Click "Details" to see the user's details