Tweet with an image

Update date: April 25, 2024

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Tweet with image

  1. Click Tweet.
  2. Click on Scheduled tweets.
  3. Click the image icon underneath Enter tweet.
  4. Select your image and upload it.

You can also attach them in the following ways!

  • Drag and drop images into the form
  • Copy and paste images to the clipboard

The app version does not support tweets with video. Please use the browser version.

Editing the image to be posted

Resize the image

  1. Click on 'Edit' of the image you uploaded.
  2. Select the desired size from the left side of the screen, adjust it, and then click 'Save' at the top right of the screen.

Adding text to an image

  1. Click on 'Edit' of the image you uploaded.
  2. Click 'A' on the left side of the screen to switch to the text input screen.
  3. Select the font, size, alignment, text color, background color, and line spacing, place them in your preferred location and then click 'Save'.

About Thumbnails

When you tweet a reservation with an image, a thumbnail of the image will be displayed in the list of scheduled posts.

Twitter has the most complicated part of the image recognition process. SocialDog mechanically centers the tweets, so when compared to the actual tweet screen The thumbnails may not be displayed correctly.

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