RSS Auto Tweet Troubleshooting

Update date: June 22, 2020

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If RSS Auto Tweet does not work properly, please check the following.

"RSS feed could not be retrieved successfully. Please check the RSS URL." error message

If you get an error message The RSS feed could not be retrieved successfully after entering the Feed URL in the Add/Edit RSS Feeds page, please make sure that the RSS URL is correct. If you get an error message saying "The RSS feed could not be retrieved successfully.

Are you subscribed to the URL of the RSS feed?

In the Feed URL field, you need to enter the URL of the RSS feed directly. This is not the top page of a blog, but the URL of an RSS feed.

For example, "" is not the URL of the RSS feed, but the URL of the blog's top page. In the case of this site, the URL of the RSS feed is "".

No automatic posting

If automatic posting does not occur after setting up automatic RSS posting, please check the following.

Check if the number of posting in the past month has not exceeded the limit

There is a limit to the number of posting you can make in the past month. The limit differs for each plan.

For details, please see "Pricing".

Check if RSS feeds are updated with different content

SoicalDog will not post if the text to be posted will be exactly the same as the items you have posted in the past, or only a few characters different.

Therefore, the post may not be posted in the following cases.

  • The title and text of the article are the same.
  • Same URL
  • None of the {{title}}, {{description}}, or {{url}} are used in the custom post content.

In these cases, you should make sure that one of them changes.

Check to see if the articles have been updated after registering RSS feeds

With the RSS auto-posting feature, the item is posted once when the RSS auto-posting feature is set. To prevent old items from being posted together, the After that, we will only post items whose feed date is after the date you set for automatic RSS posting.

For example, if you add a feed containing 10 items, it will post one item immediately after setting it up, but then it won't be posted until the RSS feed is updated, and then it will be posted when the RSS feed is updated.

Ensure that the RSS feed response completes within 5 seconds

The timeout for getting from SocialDog to the RSS feed is 5 seconds.

As a result, if it takes more than 5 seconds to retrieve the feed, you may get an error.

If this happens, speed up the RSS feed.