Change to a paid plan with Apple ID payment

Update date: December 27, 2019

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Payment Method

  • Credit card payment (browser only)
  • Apple ID payment (in-app payment)

New Apple ID payment applications are not available at this time.

Change payment method

SocialDog accounts in paid plan status with an Apple ID payment are I can't change to credit card payment.

If you want to change to credit card payment, cancel the paid Apple ID payment plan first, and then change to You will need to sign up for a credit card payment after you cancel.

Change to a paid plan with an Apple ID payment account

You cannot change to a paid plan for SocialDog from the iPhone app.

Also, since you cannot change your plan until your subscription period is up, please follow the steps below to end your subscription and change your plan again from the PC or smartphone version.

  1. open the subscription management page at
  2. You will be asked to select SocialDog and click on "cancel subscription".
  3. When your subscription expires, your paid subscription will be automatically cancelled. You will then be able to change your plan from your PC or smartphone browser.