Announcement of New Plan (November 2023)

Managing multiple social media accounts becomes much easier!

Update date: November 9, 2023

Thank you for using SocialDog.

We are pleased to announce the release of new pricing plans for SocialDog.

In our effort to further contribute to your social media marketing, and considering the monetization of the X (Twitter) API as well as the support for other social media platforms besides X (Twitter), we are introducing new pricing plans.

The new pricing plans make it easier to manage not only your X (Twitter) accounts, but your Instagram accounts and Facebook pages as well, all on SocialDog.

From now on, we will refer to the current pricing plans as the Old Plan and the new pricing plans as the New Plan.

  • The New Plan will come into effect on November 27, 2023. After the New Plan launches, when subscribing to a paid plan or changing your plan, you will be subscribed to the New Plan.
  • Customers currently using the Old Plan will migrate to the New Plan from the billing date after late January 2024. We will send you an email with details about migrating to the New Plan in mid-December.
  • If you are using the Old Plan with a monthly payment scheme, you have the option to switch to an annual payment scheme by November 26, 2023. By doing so, you will be able to continue using the services at the Old Plan's rate for 1 year after the change to the annual payment scheme.

For more information on the background of the New Plan’s release, please refer to the "Background of the New Plan Announcement" section below.

About the new plan

4 paid plans to choose from

Starting November 27, 2023, SocialDog will offer 4 paid plans: Personal, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

Pricing plans

A pricing structure that simplifies centralized management of multiple social profiles

Under the New Plan, the maximum number of social profiles that can be added is set for each plan. This will make it easier to centrally manage multiple social profiles on SocialDog.

Adding 2 profiles under the Old Plan meant you had to pay for 2 profiles. The New Plan lets you add multiple social profiles without additional fees.

We encourage you to add multiple social profiles to SocialDog.

In the Personal and Professional plans, you can only link 1 X (Twitter) account.

Managing multiple social profiles becomes much easier!

New Free plan for Instagram and Facebook management

A new Free plan will be released for managing Instagram business accounts and Facebook pages.

You can add up to 2 Instagram business accounts and Facebook pages. You can create 10 scheduled posts, and Instagram business accounts can analyze follower counts and engagement with posts for the past 2 weeks.

If you want to add an X (Twitter) account or view Instagram and Facebook data from more than 2 weeks ago, you will need a paid plan.

Other changes

  • Instagram business accounts and Facebook pages are counted as social profiles added to the team, just like X (Twitter) accounts. The available Instagram and Facebook features vary by plan.
  • The new Personal plan allows a maximum of 30 scheduled posts, which is the maximum number of scheduled posts and drafts for all social profiles added to the team.
  • The new Business plan has "Post engagement" as in the old Business plan. However, the new Business plan only includes data on users who reposted (Retweeted).
    • For data on users who liked, replied to, or quoted, please use the new Enterprise plan

For more details on additional changes, please refer to the "Complete List of Features".

[Important] Migration schedule to the new plan

We will migrate to the New Plan according to the following schedule.

  • November 27, 2023
    • New Plan subscriptions will be available. Instagram and Facebook features will become active and will only be available under the New Plan.
    • If you subscribe to a paid plan or change your plan after this date, you will be subscribed to the New Plan.
    • If you want to use  Instagram and Facebook features, please subscribe to the New Plan.
    • Lite plan (free plan) customers will be migrated to the new Free plan on November 27.
  • By mid-December 2023
    • We will send an email to customers who are currently using the Old Plan with details about the automatic migration to the new plan.
    • We will notify you 1 month before the start of the automatic migration.
  • Billing date after late January 2024
    • We will automatically migrate from the Old Plan to the New Plan.
    • After late January, you can use the features of the Old Plan until the billing date. The timing of the migration to the new plan will vary depending on the billing date of the paid plan. We will send you an email with details about the automatic migration to the New Plan in mid-December.

The plan you will be migrated to is, in principle, Personal for Lite+ plan (including the old Pro plan (2016) and old Pro plan (2017)), Professional for Pro plan, and Business for Business plan. However, the plan may vary depending on the maximum number of social profiles. We will send you an email with details by mid-December.

Background of the New Plan Announcement

SocialDog is now entering a new phase and we are excited to share this journey with you.

Our goal has been to expand SocialDog's capabilities beyond X (Twitter), transforming it into an all-in-one platform for social media management.

Since our establishment in 2016, SocialDog has been exclusively serving X (Twitter) users. In line with our ongoing mission, we expanded our services to include support for Instagram and Facebook in September 2023.

In the spring of 2023, the X (Twitter) API underwent monetization. This API allows external services to securely access and interact with X (Twitter) posts and account information. SocialDog utilizes this API to provide over a million customers with essential features for X (Twitter) marketing at a reasonable price. However, the increased costs associated with using the X (Twitter) API have made it challenging to maintain our services at the current pricing.

Given these circumstances, we find ourselves in the position of needing to introduce the New Plan. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

The New Plan introduces a pricing structure that makes it easier to manage multiple social profiles centrally on SocialDog. We are committed to continuously adding new features and improving existing ones to better serve your social media marketing needs.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who have supported SocialDog thus far.

We will ensure that the transition to the New Plan is as smooth as possible and minimizes any potential impact on your experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team through the SocialDog Contact Form.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.

Complete List of Features

Complete List of Features