Keyword Monitor feature has been Updated

Update date: June 20, 2023

Thank you for using SocialDog.

Today, we have resumed providing the Keyword Monitor feature. We apologize for any inconvenience temporary absence of this feature may have caused.

With the new Keyword Monitor, you can retrieve Tweets that match your keywords from the past 30 days (excluding protected Tweets).

Tweets are not retrieved automatically. You will need to use the feature at the timing when you want to retrieve them.


Feature Overview

Search from Tweets in the past 30 days

With the new Keyword Monitor, you can search Tweets from the past 30 days (excluding protected Tweets). Previously, only Tweets posted after activating the Keyword Monitor could be retrieved.

Now you can retrieve more Tweets

Business Plan users can retrieve up to 15,000 Tweets per month. This can be used for sweepstakes and contests that ask users to Tweet with a specific hashtag.

Important: How to retrieve Tweets

The new Keyword Monitor requires users to manually retrieve new Tweets.

"Retrieve new Tweets" button on the Keyword Monitor page

To retrieve Tweets, simply click "Retrieve new Tweets" button on the Keyword Monitor page in the "Inbox". You can select the number of Tweets to retrieve in units of 500 Tweets.

  • You can retrieve Tweets within the limit of the number of times you can retrieve Tweets (see below).
  • The feature to notify new keywords via Slack, email, and push notification is no longer available.
  • You cannot retrieve Tweets that are older than the ones you have already retrieved. If you want to retrieve older Tweets, please add a new keywords on the Keyword Monitor setting page.

Limit of retrieving Tweets

The number of Tweets you can retrieve varies by plans.

  • Number of Tweets (Note 1) available in the last month (Note 2)

    • Business Plan: 30 times multiplied by number of linked Social media profiles
    • Pro Plan: 10 times multiplied by number of linked Social media profiles

Note 1: Regarding how “Number of Tweets” are counted

500 Tweets that can be retrieved at a time, and the number of retrieved Tweets can increase or decrease in increments of 500 (e.g. Business Plan users can retrieve total of up to 15,000 Tweets by consuming 30 times of attempts).

The number of times the attempts will be consumed is determined by the number of Tweets actually retrieved.

Example: If the "Number of Tweets to Retrieve" is set to 1,500 Tweets and the actual search result is 700 Tweets, the number of times the attempts are consumed is 2 times.

Note 2: Regarding “Last 1 Month”

Please note that this does not mean the number of times from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.

Example: If the current date and time is "June 15, 2023 at 3:00 PM", the number of Tweets remaining at that time will be calculated based on the number of tweets retrieved from "May 16, 2023 at 3:00 PM - June 15, 2023 at 3:00 PM".

About Keyword Monitor going forward

We plan to improve our service so that Tweets can be retrieved automatically in the future. We will also make it possible to display Tweets that match keywords in real time.



SocialDog, Inc. has signed an agreement with Twitter, Inc. to use the Twitter Enterprise API, a paid version of the Twitter API. Keyword Monitor, which is now available again, was developed using the Full Archive Search API, a feature of the Twitter Enterprise API. We will continue to provide features that make the most of the Twitter Enterprise API and will work hard on product development to satisfy our customers.

We appreciate your continued support.