October 2023 Updates

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October 23, 2023 Updates

New Feature

  • Added  "Hashtag"  to the Instagram Insights feature (beta). 

Bug fixes and improvements

  • We've updated the Instagram Insights feature (beta) to show the data update date at the top of the screen. This makes it easier for you to see when your data was last updated.
  • We've also updated the text of the headers in the Post History CSV file. For more information, please see Download Post History as CSV.

October 16, 2023 Updates

Bug fixes and improvements

  • We've fixed the URL preview display in the post preview to match the official X.

October 12, 2023 Updates


  • Fixed the issue where the SocialDog icon was misaligned or duplicated.
  • Added support for the change from Twitter to X.

Chrome Web store

October 10, 2023 Updates

New Feature

  • Added "Post Ovreview" and "Media" to Instagram Insights (Beta)

October 2, 2023 Updates

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Inbox/Followers Filter Tooltip Issue Fixed

    We've fixed an issue that caused the tooltip for the filter function in the "Inbox/Followers" feature to partially disappear.

  • Instagram/Facebook Drafts List (Beta) Update

    In the Instagram/Facebook drafts list (beta), you can now view all draft posts in a collapsed view by clicking on the SNS account icon.