Avoid Being Locked or Restricted on Twitter

Update date: July 18, 2023

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To avoid regulation and freezing, it's important to read the Twitter Rules and not engage in behavior that may be offensive to others.

Twitter Rules

First of all, please read the rules for Twitter usage published by Twitter. It is important to follow these rules.


  • When following, pinpoint users who may be interested in your account and follow them. If a user who follows you is offended or feels that you are spamming them, they will be blocked or reported as spam. Getting blocked or reported as spam is not good for your account.
  • Don't do a lot of them at once. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you limit your daily following to about 10% of your followers.


  • Do not unfollow users who have been following you for less than a few weeks. \Yelp. According to Twitter rules, unfollowing someone after following them and then unfollowing them in large numbers because they didn't return your follow is considered a "follow churn" and is forbidden.


  • If you tweet content that is inappropriate for everyone, such as sexual content, your recipients are likely to feel uncomfortable. Try to focus on the people you follow as much as possible to avoid making them feel uncomfortable.
  • Deliver information that is valuable to your followers. If you are getting too few likes or RTs for your followers, rethink your tweets.

Register your mobile phone number

  • Twitter allows you to add your mobile phone number to your account. The more you add your cell phone number to your account, the less likely it is to be locked, so it's a good idea to do so. \centric For more information on how to register, see How to register your mobile phone number to your account on Twitter Help.
  • A cell phone number can be added to 10 Twitter accounts. \centric You can only register 10 phone numbers per account, as more than 10 will affect previously registered phone accounts. \centric For more information, please also see our Twitter Help Frequently Asked Questions about phone numbers.

The relationship between SocialDog and users

As stated in the Twitter Rules, you are ultimately responsible for any actions you take on your account, or for any actions performed by the applications associated with your account.

SocialDog tweets based solely on the actions of the user; following, unfollowing, and tweeting through SocialDog must follow the Twitter Rules.