SocialDog Glossary

Update date: December 11, 2019

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This glossary explains some of the most common terms found in SocialDog.

A - F

Advanced Filters

You can use advanced filters to narrow down the list.


You can analyze follower acquisition, follower analysis, and tweets.


You can also "block" Twitter with SocialDog.

Bulk booking

You can upload a CSV file to add the reserved posts together.


You can add it to your drafts from the list of scheduled posts. Go here to save it once without tweeting immediately.


Users who are followed but not followed (you can follow back).

Filter (esp. camera)

You can use filters to filter users by criteria.

Follower Acquisition Analysis

Follower Analysis

You can see the data of your followers.


You can also "mute" your tweets in SocialDog.

G - M

Hidden list

These are the users you don't want to show on SocialDog.


Users who follow you and have not tweeted recently (including retweets)


This is the screen where you can see the Mentions and Keyword Monitor you have received.

Keyword Monitor

This feature automatically collects tweets that contain specific keywords.

N - S

Posting Schedule

You can tweet or add to your reservation slots now.

Protection List

This is a protected user who cannot be unfollowed.

Quick Tweets

You can automatically get the latest posts from your RSS feeds. From here you can easily add a tweet to your subscription list or add a timed tweet.

Reciprocal follow-up


You can see a list of users who have retweeted your tweets.Users who are following and being followed.

Reservation Retweet

You can reserve a retweet.

Reservation limit

You can tweet at a specific day and time each week.

RSS auto-posting

When there is an update to the website, blog, etc. You can have them automatically tweet from your Twitter account.

T - Z


The "Team" feature allows multiple users to collaboratively manage their Twitter accounts.

Timed Tweets

From the list of scheduled posts, you can tweet at a specific time.

Tweet analysis

You can see the data by day and time of day.

Tweet history

You can see the history of your tweets on SocialDog and Twitter. You can also see your likes and retweets.

User Details

You can see information about the user. You can also mute and block users.


These are users who are following you, but not following you.