Dashboard Overview

Update date: June 20, 2024 

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The dashboard allows you to view a summary of data such as follower trends, as well as information such as recommended actions.

The SocialDog dashboard is explained below.

The available features vary depending on the plan. For more information on plans, please see the plan table.

1. Active Twitter account

Displays the username of the currently active Twitter account.

2. Change Twitter accounts

Click to change the currently active Twitter account.

SocialDog allows you to connect multiple Twitter accounts.

3.  スクリーンショット 2023-08-09 15.11.40 (Per account settings)

Settings related to Twitter accounts.

4. Navigation bar

Navigate to the different features of SocialDog.

5. Help menu

Find information about how to use SocialDog, or contact SocialDog for support.

6. Settings menu

Settings related to your team or SocialDog account such as adding Twitter accounts and changing plans.

7. Sub-navigation menu

Displays a different menu depending on which feature is currently selected. For example, when using 'Analytics', a menu for the various analytics features will be displayed.


Displays information about your Twitter account in graph form.

Recommended actions

Displays recommended actions to be taken in order to effectively manage your Twitter account.


Displays your inbox.

Follower timeline

Displays users who recently followed or unfollowed you.

Post performance

Displays the engagement of recent posts.

Scheduled Tweets

Displays drafts and upcoming scheduled Tweets.