What is "Teams"?

Update date: April 20, 2023 

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"Teams" is a feature that allows you to jointly manage Twitter accounts with multiple users.

After registering with SocialDog, each user has a "Default team" created for them.

"Teams" is the successor to the "Account managers" feature. For more information on the transition from the "Account managers" feature, see this notice.

Relationship between teams, SocialDog accounts, and Twitter accounts

  • SocialDog accounts can be members of multiple teams.
  • Users (SocialDog accounts) that belong to a team are able to manage (use analytics, schedule posts, view Inbox, Followers, etc.) Twitter accounts connected to that team.
  • To invite other users (SocialDog accounts) to a team, the team must be using the Business plan.

Twitter accounts cannot be connected to multiple teams at the same time.

About paid plans

When you change to a paid plan, the paid plan is linked to your team.

If a team is on the Business plan, all users belonging to that team will be able to use the features of the Business plan.

Even if a user belongs to a team on a paid plan, they will be unable to use paid plan features on other teams they belong to (unless those teams are also on paid plans).